Tuesday, March 29, 2011


i'm annoyed at some people about things going on in my house. i have stated once that things that are mine, are MINE. in other words, you ask if you can use them. in my world, that means asking BEFORE you use them, not saying after, "oh, i needed _____ so i used yours, OK?" i'm in a bad mood, and smart enough to know that its not this or that person's fault. so instead of confronting the people with whom the issues have sprung, i am deciding to write it down here, where hopefully a second look will give me new perspective on it, and maybe later, when i am not in a bad mood altogether, and when i am able to have a level-headed adult conversation i will attempt it. right now though, i cannot.

so it's off to the kitchen to think about what i want to cook myself for dinner.

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Max Mosley said...

You are completely valid in your annoyance with people touching your stuff without asking. You were always generous with your stuff when I lived with you and I'm sure nothing has changed. Just let them know that you don't have a problem sharing but you have to be asked first. If they can't respect that simple request, they can't use your shit at all, plain and simple. Hope the new program is going well man at your new school and take care. Miss you bud!