Wednesday, March 2, 2011

decision made, or at least made for me

so I am leaving as previously scheduled. there are things back home that I cannot take care of logistically from here, and it makes it unfeasible to stay here. i'm really disappointed but i have absolutely loved being here for the previous five months, and will absolutely cherish the memories and the friendships i have established here. i will miss them and this city and this wonderful land. my country, my israel. it won't be my last time here, and until i return, it will forever be in my heart. it's a bittersweet departure, but it's not a goodbye. it's so long. i will miss it, but i will keep it close to my heart and use my happy memories to bring me up and smile in the future.

להתראות אשדוד! להתראות ישראל!

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