Saturday, March 26, 2011


so the recent attacks have absolutely affected my mood. i have no energy or motivation over the last few days and am sleeping entirely too much. i've been lax in running or exercising each day and writing on here each day, so i'm not actively taking steps to minimize the effect. but today, i just went running, and i am now writing on here.

it's not so much anything consciously about the attacks. i don't think. at least, i have analyzed all of my thought processes and feelings and nothing keeps popping up. but, i did have a dream the other night. i don't remember much about it, except that there was an RPG in it. which usually doesn't indicate a good healthy dream.

also i have forgotten to take my medication a couple of days so that definitely has an effect. but i'm aware of all of these combinations that have put me in this mindset and will attempt to get out of the current headspace i'm in.

i'm still adjusting to the new roommates. being in this mood doesn't help. there are times i just want to scream at them and everyone else about the littlest shit. it has nothing really to do with anyone personally, i'm just in this mood where i am not good to be around people. so that's not good. it's really not good considering tomorrow i start work at a new school. it should be interesting.

i have to now adjust to new work partners for the next three months, which may be difficult. but right now, everything seems difficult, so i am just in a pessimistic mood.

on a good note, i have now lost 54 pounds. so that's pretty good.

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