Wednesday, March 16, 2011

full day

so today was a full day. went to school and volunteered for a bit, then participated in the amazing race. i had a fun time trekking around ashdod with my apartment. it was cool to get to know them a bit better and bond. the principal and teachers and the kids were excited to see me back at ofek. so that was really nice.

i'm heading to jerusalem for st. paddy's day and to hang out with friends this weekend, and then going to jerusalem next thursday for a day trip with the group and staying for the race on friday. soooooo excited!

i went running tonight, and did some minor exercises. i also weighed myself. either the scale i use broke while i was away, or i lost almost 8 pounds in a week. while it's possible, i doubt that's the case. i'm going to double check tomorrow at school.

it's been a great day and a half so far. it's now 1240am and i am going to attempt to goto sleep. night all!

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