Sunday, April 17, 2011


change is good. sometimes the changes are caused by mistakes. well, hey, at least i'm living my life now while making mistakes. used to be, i didn't make mistakes because i wasn't out there living. so here's to living.

the site has a facelift. we'll see if i like it enough to leave it, or if i will change it.

pesach is coming, the first seder is tomorrow. i have a feeling that we will also receive some more rockets from our friends in gaza. i hope i'm wrong. and if i'm right, i hope noone is hurt.

for all of you out there who read this blog, i want to say thank you. for whatever reason, you continue to read my mindless writings, and it helps me to write more and do more. especially so for all of you who post feedback. i really do appreciate it.

this week is pesach (passover) and easter sunday is a week away. it is a week for holiday and vacation. may you enjoy yours with family, friends and love.

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