Tuesday, April 5, 2011

i've never taken any meds for my head in my life, *insert laugh here*

that's something i heard today. as i sit here, i'm less reactive as i was when i first heard it, but i didn't open my mouth and address this issue with the person who spoke it. giving them the benefit of the doubt, i analyzed my reaction to it and realized a couple of things:

1. i take meds for my head. i have for most of my adult life. i also believe in them and their necessity and the fact that you are reading the words that i am writing is proof that they work. that being the case, i believe that i attributed motive to the comment i heard, which was not spoken.

2. in my head, i reacted to the statement "i've never taken meds for my head in my life, because they don't work, and i don't need them, and people who do need them are weak." this is definitely not the statement that i heard. and so my mind reacted defensively, but i was able to say, "whoah, boy. put the guns down. think about what's got you hot right now."

3. i thought about what made me angry at that point and was forced to recognize that i was already angry, both at said person, and at some events throughout the day. which brings me to what i have experienced today.....

which i will bring to you in a post to be written later tonight. probably before i goto bed.

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