Sunday, April 17, 2011


i'd like you to look at a link for a moment. go ahead, i'll wait.

i have so much to say about this subject. i don't have it in any order, or any idea right now. but i want you to read the CNN article. i lost a friend of mine to suicide. he was in the army in iraq. he was on the front pages of newspapers and websites, carrying an iraqi baby. he came home, and things didn't work out and he committed suicide.

noone can ever really know why. even if it's explained in a person's own words, suicide is not a logical or rational idea that you can get others to really understand. i can partially understand because we shared the same backgrounds. we shared the same mental disorders and physical injuries sustained in combat. we shared the same experiences of the horrors of war.

you cannot understand these experiences we have unless you were there. and even then, we experience them differently.

veterans' and military suicide is way too high. and we don't know enough about PTSD, TBI and the like to get it to slow or lessen. Clay Hunt knew he had PTSD. he knew it and he sought treatment for it. he did everything right. and still he succumbed in the end.


Rest In Peace, Clay. May God grant your family peace in their grief.

Semper Fidelis.


Colin said...

Deeply sad and tragic. There's got to be a better way to help these guys.

David Amster said...

Dan, Is there something I can do to specifically be of help on this matter? Uncle David