Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oh, things are gonna happen.

So I have been accepted to University at Albany. I officially am a college kid again come August 29th. I am so excited about this, it's crazy. I didn't get into Binghamton, but Albany was my first choice, so obviously these things work out for a reason.

I have spent some time now scouring the internet for apartments close to campus. I also set up a class schedule. But these things are tentative at the moment. First I need to speak to a counselor to see what my requirements are for my core classes, and what credits will transfer. Also I need to take a road trip and go see the campus. I have yet to be there, and a familiarization run is required.

I got a new phone with Sprint the other day. I am on the outs with Verizon, and am testing Sprint's service. I have an HTC EVO 4G. It's my first android phone, and I love it. I'm playing with it and learning as much as I can.

My medications have been tweaked a little bit, but no adverse side effects so far. I also am on a different anti-anxiety med, because the xanax was not helping me. I actually had a pretty bad panic attack the night I got back to NY. but none since. And I'm on a small regimen of Ambien, in the hopes that it gets me on a decent sleep schedule. So far, it's been alright.

I miss my friends back in Ashdod, and those scattered across the US and Canada, but will be seeing some of them soon I hope.

Thanks for stopping by.

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