Sunday, June 12, 2011

schedule is all screwy

I just returned from a movie with my dad. we saw "super 8". I enjoyed it alot. it's now 230am, and i am wide awake, because i spent the last two days (well daylight parts) sleeping. i also went out and drank a bit friday night. so that means that friday i was way over my points because of the barbecue and the coke i drink with my jack. and tonight right now, i'm fine, but i need to find some deep willpower to not eat anything before i goto sleep.

also i didn't exercise yesterday due to sleeping all day and then going out and drinking. so i am supposed to exercise today (saturday) but i have yet to do that. but as i said, it is 230am and i am wide awake so i am trying to summon some willpower to work out.

motivation has been lacking the last forty-eight hours or so.

need to figure this out and get back on the good side of things.

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