Wednesday, June 8, 2011

small steps...

So I cooked up three chicken breasts and made a rather large salad with the rest of the salad fixin's i had left. I took the bottle of Pepsi out of the fridge, saying to myself "well, I'm having a salad, so it's ok to have some cola." thought about that for a moment, said to myself "well, there's a reason i'm back up to 242 pounds." turned to put it away in the fridge and thought "ok, it's only a glass of soda, it's no big deal." turned to go back to the table and finally stopped. "this is friggin stupid," i said aloud. I put the pepsi in the fridge and sat at the table.

Whereupon I began to eat this massive salad. But I drank three or four glasses of water while eating, and about halfway through said "ok, fuck this, i'm done with this for now." and put it away in the fridge for later.

score a victory for mental willpower on this meal.

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