Sunday, August 14, 2011

good weekend

spent some time with friends this weekend, went to a bar, played some pool. overall it was great. tomorrow begins my last week of work, and i am scheduled to move to albany on the 24th. ten days! really really excited about it.

i spoke to some friends from israel last night that i haven't spoken to in a while, it was nice to catch up.

things are going well, i need to keep momentum going and get everything started - which means a general cleanup of my room, beginning to pack and set up other things i need, and basically start transitioning to get out of town.

i got my brakes done on my car yesterday, which needed to happen for a while. and tomorrow morning i am bringing my car in for a tune-up, so everything will be square for the drive up.

i bought a new phone yesterday, switching out my thunderbolt for a droid x2. still playing with it and loading all my stuff.

other than that, things are AWESOME. hope yall are doing well too.

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