Saturday, August 27, 2011

settled, almost

well, i can report that i have not had another panic attack. so that's good. i've also purchased 99.95% of the crap i need here for the apartment. i think i have to purchase one more book for class, and then that's done. i also need school supplies, but i won't buy them until after the first day of class.

i have yet to be social, which means i have yet to really meet anyone new except for my roommates. so that's something that is in need of change. i don't know why i don't do it...ok, thats not true. i'm not social because its not something i am really comfortable with still. so i avoid doing it and the uncomfortableness that comes with it. i guess we'll have to wait for the loneliness to overpower the uncomfortableness, or, you know, until i grow a pair and say fuck it, i'm gonna meet some people.

so, when i started the fall semester at LSU back in '08, there was a hurricane within the first two weeks. i ended up dropping out of that semester, so let's hope the outcome is different this time. (not that i really equate anything to do with the hurricane as the reason i dropped out.)

arghh. i'm bored.

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