Saturday, October 15, 2011

good week.

so, let's recap what i'm calling a rebound week:

good practice wednesday night playing hockey for the second time since 2007. i also skated tonight for about a half hour, trying to loosen up the back muscles that are the problem right now.

got back on the horse with p90x, and out of the first 10 days, i did 7 of them. so that's a nice ratio at the moment.

got my first hebrew lit paper back today. it was the first paper i've written and i had some trouble with it, but was pretty pleased with the final product. turns out, so was my teacher, and i got a 98. not too shabby.

took my first exam in my computer class, and got a 90 on that. the class average was 69, the high was 96 and the low 32. out of 670 students, only four got a 90 or higher. pretty decent, i'd say.

so my grades are good right now. i'm pleased and a little anxious, because historically, the wheels would have already fallen off the wagon by now, but they haven't, so i'm wondering if i'm just delaying the inevitable...or maybe it's time to banish those thoughts and say fuck it, this time is different.

i'm thinking about a return to israel over the winter break. it's an exciting thought, and i'm 99% towards making a decision.

other than that, the family will be in town tomorrow for family weekend/homecoming, so that should be cool. my sleep cycle is still all screwed up, but there's nothing new there.

nite yall.

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Anonymous said...

Just keep on truckin'. I'm there behind you pushing. You can push right back because I need it too. Doing a B+ in a class that I feel as if I'm behind the eight ball. Take care,