Wednesday, October 5, 2011

now back to our regularly scheduled programming

When this blog was started in December of 2009, it was a part of my weight-loss strategy. I figured if I had a public space where everyone could see (read) my progress, it would help keep me honest and on program. It worked. The first ninety days I lost twenty-five pounds. And I eventually lost 55 pounds, I weighed 224, down from 279.

Well, life happens, and while I was back in Israel in March of this year, the city I lived in was attacked by repeated rocket fire, one of the rockets landing about 500 meters in front of me while I was running in town. So, long story short, I had a relapse of PTSD, major depression, had to come home from Israel, a whole big shit storm. The extra stress, the lack of any more exercise or diet discipline, and I've gained 26 pounds back since March. So I'm now starting out at 250.

Today is day one of P90X. I'm training with one of my best friends (more like a sister) who is going to do the program down in Florida, and my brother who is going to do the program in Boston, and we're going to share the ups and downs throughout the ninety days. Today's workout was the slap in the face I figured it would be. This is gonna kick my ass. But I got through the workout today, and will get better each day.

So, here's to a new program, started with such enthusiasm and hope as we've never before seen.

ALSO: I have roller hockey practice tonight.

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