Thursday, October 6, 2011

p90x day two...plyometrics

what is plyometrics you ask? i don't have a good definition other than "it's the workout i just did that is making me want to curl up like a baby and cry, except i don't have the strength."

so two days are done. still getting into the idea of eating correctly. relearning what i learned at the start of my weight loss journey. also working on getting a good sleep pattern, a good eating schedule, a good workout schedule, a good study schedule - let's just say i'm attempting to learn time management.

on an educational note, i spent about three hours tonight finishing a paper for my hebrew literature class. i think it came out alright, we'll see. tomorrow is friday, so it's an easy class day for me. but i have yet to do some hebrew homework. it ain't happening tonight. perhaps in the morning, provided i wake up early enough.

nite, yall.

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