Thursday, January 26, 2012

Changes, Fall 2011 Academic Review.

So, there have been some changes around here. Thanks for noticing. First let's review my first semester completed since 2004:

15 credits taken, Two As, an A- and two B-'s. That's good enough for a 3.42. Not too bad, if I say so myself. So, one semester down, and we're now a week into the Spring.

Over the break, I spent three and a half weeks in Israel. It was amazing. I absolutely enjoyed myself.

As for the future, if you look at the left hand column, you'll see two countdown clocks. One is for the Irish Spring 10k, which is one of the events in this years Marine Corps Marathon series. The other, is for the main event, the 37th Marine Corps Marathon. My brother Jay and I will be running both!

I have only run two 10ks in my life, no half-marathons and no fulls. So it's gonna be an interesting training regimen to see how I do. I figure this is now a major goal, and can give me motivation and some push to train day-in and day-out.

So that's a short summary of whats going on. More to come, surely.

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