Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Back in the saddle

Hey everyone,

Another long stretch of time has gone by. Let's catch you (if you're still there) up on the events that have occurred since the last time I posted.

I moved! I'm now living in Miami. I am again a college student, on my way to finishing my bachelor's degree. I've changed my major (for the nineteenth time, or so) to Information Technology. If everything goes according to plan (which, it never does, in my experience), I should graduate after the Fall semester in 2016.

I'm actually typing while in a class. Which should illustrate that my attention span (or lack thereof) is still an issue for me. The class is actually Studies in World Religion, and a group of students is doing a presentation on Buddhism. They're actually all sitting in a circle on the floor in the class, cross-legged and chanting "ohmmmm". It's actually unreal. Now they're all chanting "ahhhh," as if they're at the doctor's office. So, I'm  comfortable with writing, and not missing out on anything important.

I'm now at FIU - Florida International University. It's nice down here, been here in Miami for eighteen days. It hasn't been cooler than seventy-five degrees or so, and it's been quite humid. I fucking love it. After the winter up in the arctic tundra that is Long Island, when we finally had the thaw, I definitely am glad to be down in a warmer climate. Don't get me wrong, it's HOT. And it's muggy. But, I'm slowly acclimating to the weather, and while I know it will get warmer as the summer continues, I'll be fine.

When I say I've moved, I've moved permanently. The Long Island house still exists, but I don't have any plans to return there. EVER. So, I packed up everything I own, threw out stuff I no longer needed, and loaded the car, and drove down here.

I've lost some weight recently, both before and after the move, but it's definitely been easier in the weather, as I'm sweating my ass off. I'm also walking more, as I get lost on campus still, but it helps to be active. Also, I've started doing Zumba. (That's right, get a good vision of the Fat Guy doing Zumba to Latin music and sweating his ass off.) It's a great workout, and I'm getting in shape while doing it.

I also went to a running store and got fitted for running shoes for the first time in many, many years. It was immediately apparent how important a good pair of shoes is. My posture is better, my knees, back and ankles feel better. I hope to go on my first good run sometime this week, and am looking forward to finding out how well my body feels after the run.

So, as of Saturday, 5/26/15, I'm down to 268.2 lbs. I'm monitoring my food intake (not as strictly as I'd like, but getting there). I'm also walking more, and doing well with consistently being active, which is helping, but it's a slow process. I know this, and I need to constantly remind myself, because I fall easily back into my hole.

Anyway, it's time to end this post. Hopefully it won't be another six months before the next.

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