Wednesday, May 27, 2015

XCO Workout

In addition to Zumba, I'm doing something called XCO. Look it up for more information, but it's pretty decent. I burned 801 calories in a 57 minute session with an average heart rate of 127 bpm. I'm beat.

In academic news, pretty sure I bombed a test this morning. I can't really be that upset about it because I did not adequately prepare. I also got a B- on my first English Comp paper, which I am upset about, but, I also did not adequately prepare, so I'm not sure why I'm upset. Interesting, no?

Anyway, time for a shower, and sleep. I have my first VA appointment down here in Miami tomorrow morning, which reminds me, I should probably look up the address, so I know where I'm going, and how long it will take to get me there.

Ach, my body and my brain hurt.

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