Friday, August 14, 2015

did more stuff

i saw my new psychiatrist today. a kid, 27 years old, been a doc for a year or so. surprisingly, i'm pretty confident in him so far. i'm usually wary of younger kids who don't have experience, as i'm not your normal, nor easiest patient to treat. however, this kid is different. he apologized for being "late" when he saw me. first, my appointment was at 1:00pm, i sat down with him at 1:07. that's after getting vitals and all that. so that's not late at all, that's pretty good. however, he was "late" because he was reviewing my file, and looking at all the notes and diagnoses from my previous doctors. thank you! i've complained more than once about docs not looking at my history, and not having an idea of my treatment to this point, and this guy was looking at it. great job doc! also, we spoke about my symptomology in depth, i mean really in depth, he asked good questions and sought clarification when he needed it. we talked about previous medications i was on, and how they worked, and then he came up with a new strategy moving forward, prescribed meds and got me an appointment in 3 weeks to see how the med change goes. i'm VERY pleased with him, and hopefully things will go well.

i also returned a book that i had rented today, which was something i had been meaning to do for a while, but finally got done today. i then came home and cooked some chicken and rice, and had a nice lunch. so far, today has been a good day.

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