Friday, August 21, 2015


so. the last friday night of summer vacation. Fall semester starts Monday. I'm only officially registered for one class, but have emailed profs in the others asking for permission to register over limit. I also need student finances to lift my registration block again (it is only lifted for a day when they do it) so i can register when the classes open up.

tomorrow i have to go grocery shopping. i also need to buy a scale. and some other random things i've been meaning to for the room.

also i think i will go running this weekend. i'd like to start that, and hopefully that can help get my sleep pattern in order.

if i get the classes i want, i'll be in class for three hours straight monday, wednesday and friday 10am to 1pm, then an hour break, then 2pm-315, but this class will only be monday and wednesday. i'll also have an 11am-1215 tuesday and thursday.

i think it will be a good schedule, although i am worried about three straight hours of class. but i figure i might as well have it blocked like that and spend the full 10am-330pm monday and wednesday on campus.

anyway, i'm going to try and sleep. day rate for today: 6.0

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