Friday, August 14, 2015


well, i woke up on my own this morning, before my alarm clock. i had breakfast of sorts (2 pbj on wheat and lemonade), and have laid around in bed since then. one of the landlord's people just stopped by, for the exterminator to do some shit. it would have been great if i was notified in advance, but whatever, it's done.

now, i've got some time before i have to leave for the va for my psych appt. i just took a look at my va site for my disability application, and it says that a decision is pending. i guess the rbi c&p yesterday was the last step. i'll know soon. hopefully i get the bump to 100%.

i've heard the arguments that 100% is a disincentive to work and can be an impediment to recovery. i don't agree with it. it would alleviate the stress caused by money a little bit, and might help me manage the stress of everything else better. who knows, i guess we'll see, or we won't.

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