Monday, August 24, 2015

sleep, or the lack of.

my watch says i got less than four hours of light sleep last night, with an hour of awake time interspersed in there. not a good sleep at all. on top of that, my stomach's a little upset. i don't know if that's simply nerves, as today is the first day of school, or if i'm actually sick.

anyway, yesterday was good, had dinner with the fam. slept a lot in the morning/early afternoon, i guess my body was trying to catch up for the previous four days, but i was able to get up and go to dinner. i cut my hair and shaved my beard, so i almost look like a human again. overall, it was a good day, i give it a 5.5.

i might try and fit in a nap, as it's a quarter after 5, and i still have some time.

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