Friday, September 4, 2015

getting stuff done, being a student

accomplishing things is nice. i did an assignment for psych, i just finished the first program for OS, and i did two memos for english. shit, it's almost as if i've got a hang of this college stuff. (stay tuned for the next crisis in 3..2...)

wednesday was good, 4.5, continuing on the up.
today was a good day. 5.5; got a lot done - went shopping, cooked food for the next few days; wrote the program i mentioned. the program was a long evolution, and only now am i getting to bed, after 2am. which is fine. i put it off until this afternoon, and it was the first program i wrote since 2012, so overall, i'm pretty happy.

tomorrow i go see my pill doctor for a check-in. so i will miss english. i need to email the prof in the morning.

ok, that's it.

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